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“Full Fat came highly recommended and having viewed his previous assignments, we knew he would be perfect in creating a bespoke website for our new business. Full Fat has remained extremely proactive throughout the process and has been fluent in offering advice and guidance. He has a natural ability to listen to our ideas and transform these along with his his own vision, resulting in a website we can be proud to associate our business with. I have no hesitation in recommending Full Fat to any potential clients; he has an excellent eye for detail and strives to exceed expectation. We will without doubt continue to use the services offered by Full Fat.”

Edelle Brookes, Pioneer Beards


The principles of good design apply throughout your business, not just your website. For business owners, particularly small businesses and start-ups, the value of great graphic design is huge – this is how you attract a target market and increase interest in and awareness of your brand.

Great design and eye-catching adverts are attractive, and draw our attention. Adverts are everywhere, and they’re abundant – in newspapers, magazines, television, online, social media, plus posters and billboards in the street, on public transport… In a fast-paced and multi-tasking world, we’re also much more likely to remember something we’ve seen, rather than read or heard. There is no escaping them. With adverts in glorious abundance and the ever-expanding reach of technology leading to shrinking global market, it’s more important than ever that your advert, and your brand, stands out.

Sirman & Lee - Graphic & Web Designers

Professional and well designed graphics can be the difference between your target audience perceiving you as an amateur or an industry leader; you can give the impression of being much bigger, or much more successful than you really are through clever branding and design. Strong graphics and branding across platforms and media can be a huge help in establishing trust from potential customers.

Full Fat understands all of this, which is why we offer branding and graphic design in addition to our web design service. We know that the journey of a new business, or perhaps one looking to re-brand, begins with a strong visual impact. Our team of graphic designers work with our current clients, start-ups, and established businesses to make sure their graphics are sending the right message and are consistently up to date, reflecting the mission and ethos of their individual organisation.

Examples of our Branding work

We are a team of graphic and web designer based in Melbourne, Australia. We enjoy working with local and international clients helping them to keep their business one step ahead.

Sirman & Lee - Graphic & Web Designers
Sirman & Lee - Graphic & Web Designers
Sirman & Lee - Graphic & Web Designers
Sirman & Lee - Graphic & Web Designers
Sirman & Lee - Graphic & Web Designers